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Opaque 5" Medium Frisbees - 6 set

Opaque 5" Medium Frisbees - 6 set
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Product Description

These colorful frisbees are perfect for toy bases! Mount duckies on top, hang chain from the sides, add charms & viola!!! They come in a set of six. Each set includes one of each color. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, royal blue and plum. Measurements: 5". *These colors are different shades/colors than the Rainbow Blast frisbees that we carry.*

We now offer drilling for our customers! The holes on the drilled frisbee measure 3/16". Select if you would like
  • No Holes
  • 4 Holes: Four 3/16" Holes on outer circle on EACH frisbee
  • 5 Holes: Four 3/16" Holes on outer circle & one 3/16" center hole on EACH frisbee

  • **PARROTS: Our Opaque Frisbees are a more flexible plastic than our Rainbow Blast frisbees. These would be more suitable for larger birds than our other style of frisbee because of the softer plastic. SUGAR GLIDERS: These still work out great as bases for sugar gliders! However if you like to BLING your toys out with LOTS of chain & charms you will want to be mindful of how much weight you hang from these bases!!