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Chevron Blues Paper Shred Toy *Refillable*

Chevron Blues  Paper Shred Toy *Refillable*
Item# blchevpproll
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Product Description

Our Chevron Duck Paper Roll Toy is FUN FUN FUN! This toy is 12" long and strung on Welded Nickel Plated Chain.It has a NP Pear Link to hang and a NP Bell at the base. Blue is mounted on top of our 4" Slice Of Fun Wheel. We have a Paper roll between another Slice of Fun Wheel. Jumbo Beads on both ends. This toy is very easy to refill. Just take off the Pear Link, Slide the top half off, replace paper and reassemble.

*If you would like a Jump Ring placed on this toy below the Pear Link(you won't be able to refill) , Please notify us in the comments at checkout. We are happy to accommodate you.